Project Results


Project Information Sheet

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Final Meeting

The Final Project meeting was hosted by Normex AS in Ålesund in Norway 25-26 November 2014. Results from the different work packages were presented and discussed. Administrative and financial issues were also covered. The consortium visited the facilities of Normex and were given a demonstration of the Overøyet Wastewater treatment plant (Picture 1 and 2).




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Layman's report about the project

The Layman's report is the main source of information for all wishing to find out more about the ApplyADOXPOL Project.

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The ApplyAdoxpol Management and Technical meeting was hosted by Asio and held at their location in Brno, Czech Republic the 11 December 2013. The meeting covered management and administrative issues, updating of  the work carried out, future plans and discussions how to best proceed with the development work and promoting the project. The coordinator gave a reminder of the goal for the project and an overview of the Work Packages, as well at the time-plan for the work packages.

Suggested date for the next meeting was concluded to be Tuesday, 22nd of April. Venue for the meeting will be Trondheim, including a trip to the Marine Harvest plant.

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Project meeting – June 4,5th 2013, Gdynia, Poland

The ApplyAdoxpol project meeting took place at the Haffner Hotel in Sopot, Poland, 4-5 June 2013. The coordinator – Mr. Stig Johansen gave a presentation to the meeting delegates of the background of the project and how ApplyADOXPOL stemmed from the results from the project Adoxpol. Further, Mr. Johansen presented some of the results to date; Goal of ApplyAdoxpol –to bring the concept further into realization by making production drawings, production of prototype and by bringing Adoxpol into the marked.

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First Project Meeting

The first project meeting for the ApplyAdoxpol was held at Haffner Hotel in Gdynia, Poland on June 4th and 5th. Both industrial partners and RTD partners took part of the meeting.

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