Project Description

Via the ApplyAdoxpol project, the coordinator SME Normex and its SME-partners plan to take their technology from Adoxpol all the way to the market, making it possible for the end user in the food & beverage sector to both save and re-use water. Central in the technology is a novel ozone injection unit developed to maximize the oxidation process with minimal amount of ozone. The ozone allows the oxidation of recalcitrant substances and with the development of a flotation chamber this enhances the optimal diffusion of micro-bubbles, coalescence of colloidal materials and efficient removal of agglomeration of coagulating froth/adsorbed pollutants.

The partners will now develop a plan for initial roll-out of the technology into production, including design specific actions and a business plan which secure market penetration and a sustainable future joint business. Specifically, the objectives for the proposed action are to attain:

  • Turnover of €15 millions 5 years after the project period has ended.
  • 40% larger production effectiveness through standardization of the ADOXPOL solution rather than piecemeal production.
  • A variety of 5 different models of the system enabling wastewater treatment of
    • Container based system up to 15 m3/h
    • Up to    10 m3/h
    • Up to    30 m3/h
    • Up to    80 m3/h
    • Up to 100 m³/hour capacity.
  • Dissemination of the ADOXPOL solution to potential customer segments via relevant industrial fairs both for water tech suppliers and for the food & beverage industry as well as publications in the form of editorials, technical papers and trade press, conference presentations and attendance at major exhibitions, and a project web page.

 Read more about the Adoxpol system here.