This website provides public information about the ApplyAdoxpol project. The ApplyADOXPOL project is a continuation of the result from the Adoxpol project, where a novel ozone-based wastewater purification technology was developed. The project was initiated by the coordinator, Normex AS, and funded by the funding scheme Eco-innovation as a initiative of the EU's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP).

Project Description

Via the ApplyAdoxpol project, the coordinator SME Normex and its SME-partners plan to take their technology from Adoxpol all the way to the market, making it possible for the end user in the food & beverage sector to both save and re-use water. Central in the technology is a novel ozone injection unit developed to maximize the oxidation process with minimal amount of ozone. The ozone allows the oxidation of recalcitrant substances and with the development of a flotation chamber this enhances the optimal diffusion of micro-bubbles, coalescence of colloidal materials and efficient removal of agglomeration of coagulating froth/adsorbed pollutants.

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Project Results




Project Information Sheet

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Final Meeting

The Final Project meeting was hosted by Normex AS in Ålesund in Norway 25-26 November 2014. Results from the different work packages were presented and discussed. Administrative and financial issues were also covered. The consortium visited the facilities of Normex and were given a demonstration of the Overøyet Wastewater treatment plant (Picture 1 and 2).




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